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University Ambassadors Program

This year we are forming a council of University Sustainability Leaders who want to better connect with like minded leaders in other Universities and Colleges. Enjoy a collective voice, debate the most pressing environmental and sustainability related issues, get access to top mentors, speakers and events to truly take your campus to the next level.

For now send your inquiries to join (at) Watch this space for a registration form in the coming days.


How will it work?

Each University or College will send 1 representative student to participate in the council. The council will meet on a monthly basis and each meeting will be filled with great learning and networking experiences, excellent speakers and motivational resources to mobilize your school to becoming more sustainable.

Who is eligible?

Any full-time registered student at a post-secondary institution. The ideal candidate will be a 2nd or 3rd year student (of a 4 year program), but freshman are invited to also apply.

What if my college already has an environment/nature club?

Great! you can appoint one of your clubs leadership to represent you and your institution at PSN. PSN will in no way dictate what you club must do, nor will there be action requirements. We simple offer a space for like minded youth leaders to meet, discuss or debate and co-develop solutions that will benefit your school, your community, your city and country!

What if my college doesn’t have an environment/nature club?

That is fine too, PSN volunteers, mentors and other council members will be more than happy to help you set one up.

Do I need permission from my administration?

No, not formally unless you are hosting any meetings in your school, then proper permission will need to be granted for the event.

What are the costs to join?

The council itself when formed will determine if membership fees need to be introduced or not.

What does PSN get out of this?

PSN is a network of young people, old people, activists, brothers, sisters and passionate people who want to see a change. This change must come from the young leaders we have today, so if we can play a roll in helping to mobilizing for good, then we will have fulfilled our mandate.


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