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Photo of Ali Amjad
Ali Amjad
Director Pakistan Sustainability Network

Ali, a chemical engineer by profession and an environment enthusiast, possess immense love for nature. He likes to be close to nature and enjoy the beauty and purity of mother Earth.
Public Speaking and Event management are his major interests.
Ali likes motivating people to work for environmental education and is attached with PSN since 2010. He was inducted as University Ambassador. Later, he was promoted to Green Drinks Coordinator.
He has also served as EcoFilms Coordinator for 1 complete term.
He possess sound communication and leadership skills.

Photo of Nimra Amjad-Archer
Nimra Amjad-Archer
Founding Director Pakistan Sustainability NetworkLahore Chapter

Nimra is the founding director of Pakistan Sustainability Network, an AIESEC Alumni, a writer and an environmental scientist by profession. She currently works for ShirkatGah Her current research focuses on the impacts of climate change on women’s livelihoods in Pakistan.

Photo of Kurt Archer
Kurt Archer
Founding Director Pakistan Sustainability NetworkLahore Chapter

Kurt originates from Calgary, Canada but now lives in Lahore, managing Corporate Social Responsibility at Waste Busters a waste and recycling company in Pakistan. Kurt is a founding director of PSN, as well as the the acclaimed my world, my choice! model of sustainability education.

Photo of Jeremy Higgs
Jeremy Higgs
Founding Director Pakistan Sustainability NetworkKarachi Chapter

Jeremy wants to create a world where the measure of a company’s bottom line is not just monetary profit, but the environmental and social impact. After working to bring youth from around the world to Sydney to work in sustainability organisations and running the “Green Entrepreneurship Challenge”, Jeremy has found himself in Pakistan and passionate about creating opportunities for youth entrepreneurs to create businesses that work to make the shift to a green economy easier.

Photo of Sana Ilyas
Sana Ilyas
Director Pakistan Sustainability NetworkLahore Chapter

Sana just finished her BS (Hons) in Environmental Science and is working on different environmental projects with PSN. Attaining her degrees in environment has taught Sana a lot about the social responsibility of raising awareness about the environment and changing behaviours toward protecting their surroundings from being harmed so that future generations can enjoy all the natural resources we are enjoying, albeit less and less each day, and so making the true concept of sustainability alive.

Photo of Sidra Ijaz Khan
Sidra Ijaz Khan
Eco-prenuer Pakistan Sustainability Network

Sidra is an avid Environmentalist and Social Worker by passion founding Consultancy called “Green Minds”. She Graduated in Environmental Sciences from University of Punjab. She served as a Youth Cultural Ambassador at United States of America and studied at Wilson College, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and Recipient of Project Smile, Digital story telling (a micro grant program by Department of State). She served as Community Service Coordinator for Lahore Youth Council, US Consulate General, Lahore and President-Pakistan Sustainable Network (environmental society). Facilitating Environment, Health, Human Rights and communication skills session is her expertise. Being a Debater and Anchor person she is also recognized as Motivational speaker, Blogger, Newsletter Editor, writer and Research scientist.

Photo of Ayesha Nawaz
Ayesha Nawaz

Ayesha Nawaz has worked with several organizations linked to rural development, poverty alleviation and environmental sustainability in Pakistan and is currently working as Manager Monitoring Evaluation & Research with National Rural Support Programme. While working with Rural Support Programmes Network, Ayesha was exposed to the work carried out by “Himalayan Wildlife Foundation” on the preservation of forests and wildlife in and around the region of Neelum Valley (Kashmir). It was during this period that she developed a keen interest in the environment and realized the importance of engaging not only the civil society but the rural poor as well the highest echelons of the government’s administrative machinery to further the cause of environmental sustainability.

As VP Partners Corporate and Communication she would not only be utilizing her past networking with the NGO Sector and Government Institutions but given her MBA degree from LUMs and BSC in economics, would also engage the corporate sector in order to raise awareness regarding PSN.

Photo of Tooba Zaib Qureshi
Tooba Zaib Qureshi
Graphic designer (illustrator)
“A deep meaning of art is sought inside nature of all beings. The only way to find It is to return to nature with strong belief in the senses and emotions.”
Completed my M.F.A degree in Fine Arts Graphic Design with a major in Book Illustration from Punjab University, Lahore.
I beleive in serving my nation in whatever way possible and PSN has provided me a stable platform where I can contribute for a better cause. 
Design and illustrate Web page banners for PSN website.
Photo of Salman Raja
Salman Raja
Founding Director Pakistan Sustainability NetworkKarachi Chapter

Coming soon

Photo of Hassan Bin Rizwan
Hassan Bin Rizwan
Founding Director Pakistan Sustainability NetworkKarachi Chapter

Hassan Bin Rizwan is an entrepreneur, management consultant and conference leader with detailed professional experience in management consultancy and HR training both in the U.S. and Pakistan.  For over eight years, Hassan has accumulated, applied and disseminated useful business knowledge to help organizations, both in the US and Pakistan, grow stronger through enhanced learning of their employees.  He specializes in organizational communication, sales training, and management development.  Hassan strongly believes in climate change and sustainability ideas.  He has shared the growing concerns about our environment with over 2,000 people through his speaking and consulting engagements. 

Photo of Jawad Sheikh
Jawad Sheikh

Jawad is founder of EnCorbus (, a unique entrepreneurial hub Reshaping Resources, specializing in Human Spark and Energizing Motivation Energy and pioneer in Pakistan in some of its initiatives for reshaping educational sector of the country. He is a fan of Saadat Hassan Mantoo, Faiz. A. Faiz and T. S. Eliot; He is also a youth trainer, motivational speaker and environment lover. His mantra and passion is to let his fellows and others “Think Big” and his dream is to reshape and “Upgrade” the thoughts and vision of the Youth of the Pakistan, and he believes one day he will. Insh-Allah. He is also a freelance web developer-designer. He loves blogging and maintains a personal blog too. He is very lucky in chess and numbers. You can read more about him at

Photo of Hassan Sohail
Hassan Sohail

A finance person by trade, Hassan joined PSN because he is deeply concerned about the environment around me, recognizing that we all live and breath the nature around us. Something truly worth protecting for Hassan. 

Photo of Farwa Tassaduq
Farwa Tassaduq
Director Pakistan Sustainability NetworkLahore Chapter

Farwa has her academic background in Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Development. She works at Roshni Association, where her work is closely related to the core ideas of sustainability. PSN has provided a great platform for Farwa to fulfill  her passion in supporting eco-friendly ideas and activities in Pakistan. It’s like a dream come true.


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