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Photo of Critical Mass Lahore
Critical Mass Lahore

Critical Mass is about having clean cities that provide mobility and accessibility. Critical Mass is about clean transport. Critical Mass is about putting public good over private interest. Critical Mass is about making friends. Critical Mass is about reclaiming public space. Critical Mass is about showing a man on a cycle is the same as a man in a ten lac car. Critical Mass is about democracy.

Critical Mass
is not an organization. It is an idea. It is about making a statement. Everyone in Lahore knows how bad the traffic is. Critical Mass Lahore is a step towards making our city clean and taking our streets back. Critical Mass is an idea. Make it yours.

Photo of Darakht Lagao
Darakht Lagao

Darakht Lagao has planted over 4000 trees in 2011 alone, and plans to continue working in communities to foster a spirit of nurturing plants and trees, especially native to the Punjab region. As a voluntary organization Darakht Lagao depends on your support to plant and take care of trees in your community.

Photo of Lahore Bachao Tehreek
Lahore Bachao Tehreek

Lahore Bachao Tehreek ( a platform representing diverse groups, organizations and individuals concerned about the city environment)

Photo of Lal Earth
Lal Earth

LAL Fabrics, named after the renowned saint Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, our collection of fashion fabrics is inspired by his message of mystical love. Quality, history, tradition, modernity and beauty are the ingredients used to create each of our fabrics.
Like Love, our effort is to create textiles that transcend the ordinary.

Originally known as Aangan, Pakistan’s first hand-woven fashion brand, LAL Earth is our line of naturally-dyed (from plants, roots, botanicals), hand-wovens from master weavers of Punjab.

Photo of My World My Choice!
My World My Choice!

This program provides Lahore middle and high school students the ability to become leaders in sustainability. Through mentor-run classroom presentations, a sustainability leadership simulation, and an innovative design project in their schools, we enable future leaders to become responsible citizens, empowering them with the tools for sustainable decision making and inspiring them into action.

Photo of Shajardost Foundation
Shajardost Foundation

Working for reforestation in Pakistan and to create awareness in common people about the issue. Shajar means Tree and Dost means Friend. We are friends of the trees.

Photo of The Little Art
The Little Art

The Little Art produces Lahore International Children’s Film Festival and Children’s Performing Arts Festival, holds film-making workshops for children and young people, organizes workshops in photography, digital art, stop motion, animation and performing arts.

Photo of Uth-Oye

Cause based clothing: Tees, jeans, accessories etc. Contributions provide solar lamps in Thar and natural bio-gas generators in Khushab


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