Our Values

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Our Values

Value are more than just words on a poster. They are the guiding principles that make the culture of PSN a truly human organization. The only way we can have a positive impact on the environment is if we first have a positive impact on ourselves.

PSN is a non-political, non-denominational, non-discriminating equal opportunity organization.


Sustainable and Relevant
We operate in a fiscally responsible manner and adapt to changing circumstances in order to maintain our relevance to society.


Transparency and Integrity
We allow all stakeholders to access vital information about our organization, and we practice our values in every instance.


Respect Nature As We Do OurselvesRespect Nature as we do Ourselves
Our relationship to nature is how we see our relationship to self, responsible, valuable, abundantly creative.


Leadership and Collaboration
We will take the lead on all issues and show initiative wherever our purpose is needed, and be a uniting force for good.


Excellence in Everything we do
We inculcate our values in everything that we do, and we strive to surpass status quo by constantly exceeding our own expectations.


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