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Photo of Zahra Ali
Zahra Ali

A freelance writer, gardening teacher and environmentalist. She has been spreading the message of natural living through her blog ‘Crops in Pots’ since 2008

Photo of Nimra Amjad-Archer
Nimra Amjad-Archer
Founding Director Pakistan Sustainability NetworkLahore Chapter

Nimra is the founding director of Pakistan Sustainability Network, an AIESEC Alumni, a writer and an environmental scientist by profession. She currently works for ShirkatGah Her current research focuses on the impacts of climate change on women’s livelihoods in Pakistan.

Photo of Kurt Archer
Kurt Archer
Founding Director Pakistan Sustainability NetworkLahore Chapter

Kurt originates from Calgary, Canada but now lives in Lahore, managing Corporate Social Responsibility at Waste Busters a waste and recycling company in Pakistan. Kurt is a founding director of PSN, as well as the the acclaimed my world, my choice! model of sustainability education.

Photo of Fatima Arif
Fatima Arif
EcoWarriors Columnist

A business management professional and content writer; who can also be defined as a blogger, rotaractor, amateur photographer, bookaholic and an off-beat cinemaholic. None of this goes in this order. Am on my way to becoming a social entrepreneur.’

Photo of Uzma Awan
Uzma Awan

Uzma attributes her love for environment to her nature enthusiast parents. She grew up in a house where food grew in the backyard without any chemical interventions. On a pleasant day, her father would sit with her under the warm sun and read to her. Or simply take in Karachi’s relaxing sea breeze and explore ideas. When her parents were away working, her grandmother would teach her miraculous benefits of herbs and natural therapies. Uzma believes it were her splendid childhood lessons and experiences which have built a special connection between her and nature. Like any other business graduate, she started her career from a bank, but soon after started sensing something was missing. The credit reports and financial analysis didn’t provide her enough options to use her creative prowess. She then switched careers and went on to discover her passion. Her love for writing and inclination towards social media lead her to Corporate Communications. When she is not working she is finding sustainable ideas for a greener lifestyle. Uzma aims to own a farm one day, away from the chaos and clutter of a hustling bustling city, grow her own crops, create healthy delicacies, use everything natural or handmade, de-stress and live a fuller and more meaningful life.


Photo of Sara Azeem
Sara Azeem
Pakistan Sustainability NetworkLahore Chapter
Photo of Sana Ilyas
Sana Ilyas
Director Pakistan Sustainability NetworkLahore Chapter

Sana just finished her BS (Hons) in Environmental Science and is working on different environmental projects with PSN. Attaining her degrees in environment has taught Sana a lot about the social responsibility of raising awareness about the environment and changing behaviours toward protecting their surroundings from being harmed so that future generations can enjoy all the natural resources we are enjoying, albeit less and less each day, and so making the true concept of sustainability alive.

Photo of Sana Saleem
Sana Saleem

Sana is a Feature Editor (South Asia) at BEE magazine. BEE is a quarterly journal published in Britain, focusing on Asian Women. The author identified the need for a magazine that brings out the intellectual side of Asian women and accepted read *grabbed* the opportunity. A very proud member of Amnesty International Online Community where she helps gain focus for the humanitarian Crisis at hand. She is also known to be very lucky with her readers which explains her presence on several other Blogs Pro-Pakistan, Global Voices and World Focus.

Photo of Farwa Tassaduq
Farwa Tassaduq
Director Pakistan Sustainability NetworkLahore Chapter

Farwa has her academic background in Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Development. She works at Roshni Association, where her work is closely related to the core ideas of sustainability. PSN has provided a great platform for Farwa to fulfill  her passion in supporting eco-friendly ideas and activities in Pakistan. It’s like a dream come true.


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