About PSN

About PSN

Pakistan Sustainability Network is an emerging network of action-oriented people and groups who embrace and promote sustainability in all cross-sections of society.

Our core belief is that all development areas – environmental sustainability, poverty alleviation, healthcare, human rights, and economic opportunities – are different sides of a common pyramid and advocate highly interdisciplinary solutions.

Our mission is to launch a strong nation-wide grassroot advocacy on two levels. First, to launch and promote already-exisiting low-cost easy- to-adopt action items which are currently undertaken at an individual or small-group level regarding environmental sustainability (waste reduction, recycling, electrical use, etc), as well as local, medium start-up initiatives, and commercial work.

We hope to actualize our vision through a cohesive network of existing socially and environmentally conscious individuals, citizen groups, nonprofits, business, corporations, schools, NGOs, private households, orphanages, low-income and impoverished communities in both urban and rural areas of Pakistan.

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